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BlockLand MODS 
20th-Feb-2005 10:15 pm
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Posted by 007craft on Blockland Forums:

hello. OK I first found out about this game 2 days ago. I played it.. had some fun.. but realised thier were too many features missing. I then came to these forums and looked at EVERY mod all of you had made. I was quite impressed.

I then decided to put ALL the mods together in 1 pack. Some mods didnt make the cut seeing as I didnt think they were useful enough or still in the testing stages.

I have also included a couple of mods myself to the file below and included a couple custom maps here on the forums that seemed to work and were cool.

I hope you all enjoy this cause this should make your building experiance much more fun. If you have a new mod to be added please let me know and ill add it in for the next release. I will also try and add more of my own mods in. Any new custom levels are also very appriciated.

BTW: If your the maker of one of these mods, please let me know in the thread and ill add you name/tag to the changes list below

- 9 new colours, including 2 glitter colours, to the spray pain "by AJ 187"
- Download progress Bar for clients entering a new map. "by Rick"
- 10 item inventory "by Nin10doman"
- Bow now can destroy blocks "by Yourself"
- Spear now destroys chunks of blocks "by Yourself"
- Blocks can now be destroyed anywhere (not just the top block) This alows for alot of cool floating stuff + easy roof building. "by ?"
- Join Server Ip now added to GUI "by Chronic667"
- Save Game/Blocks. ITs now possible to save/load your current blocks from the admin (CTRL+A) panel. This is great incase some1 destroys your hard work or you have to go. "by Rick"
- Weapons Respawn within seconds "by Chronic667"
- Crouch speed increased to move faster "by me"
- jump height increased for easier building "by me"
- no fall damage "by me"
- I edited every map to include spear and bow and the room maps have the spear and bow close to the buildings and not out in the open.
- some other stuff i might have forgot to add to the .txt file :p

- MOuntain Colony (Green Colony) BETA "by got lag?"
- Room XXL (bigger main building plate in room) "by Flshman"


Version 1.1 Changelog

- UNban Utility "by glorified"
- Default Control keys put back
- Added Digi's Vehicle mod alpha 0.1
- Stand alone mod pack now available


Version 1.2 Changelog

- Game no longer auto saves/loads when you start/end a mission. This will prevent saving over an important save accidently. To save/load goto admin panel (CTRL + A) and push save and load blocks
- MSG of the Day changed to indicate mod server running
- New Option (located in admin panel (CTRL+A)), to turn floating blocks on or off (default = off). Enable this to build a tedious part of your project and then disable it to resume normal building standards
- text now shows when loading blocks
- sk89q and miniman's Bridge script included
- some default text changed
- fall Damage on/off button
- Crouch speed back to normal
- Turn Destructable Weapons on/off (turn on to ENABLE Any brick destruction and not just top brick)
- Build mode (resets all weapons to default (including hammer))
- New Title page
- Changed main menu button layout
- Chronic's brickpack version 0.4 (All maps edited to include brick pack)
- Deathmatch mode (weapons now do damage. The hammer is the only weapon that can destroy blocks and only the top block) (set to 50 kills)

*Weapons power chart*
Bow - 40HP
Sword - 100HP
Spear - 70HP (20 splash)
Hammer - Kills top block
AXE - Kamakzee, kills you and surrounding enemies (I think.. it may be just the guy you hit)

A player has 100 HPs.

- Room xXXL (EVEN bigger main building plate then in XXL room) (took out room xxl) "by Flshman"
- BuildersHill v.beta1 "by Chronic667"
- Deathmatch map mod for Mountain colony "by me " (IF you know how to make multiple spawn points.. let me know)

Version 1.2a Changelog

- chronics bricks can now be saved with the rest of the blocks *persistance.cs*
- New Features added in 1.2 now work via super admin login (example: on dedicated server or remote host)
- Changed weapons on/off to toggle button

Version 1.3a Changelog

- Replaced Title screen again
- Added game identifier in server list so you know which servers are running the mod pack
- Removed map Bedroom (no point to it with Bedroom XXXL being in there)
- Player corpse now fades instantly to prevent confusion in Deathmatch
- Chronic's brick pack v 0.8 (22 new bricks)
- All of chronics 22 sloped bricks now save properly.
- All maps updated to contain new bricks (thanks to GlenStew for helping me out here)
- Special edition SprialStaircase script added "spiral a,b,c,d,e);" to use "by rob"
- Put Skis on while in mid air or moving "by ErikHK"
- Paintball mod "by WGJHSTT24/7"
- Added paintball gun options and paintball mode to go with the above mod
- added Enhanced build mode and Brick Deathmatch mode
- new, easier to understand, filled with individual weapons options, administrator panel
- Buggy template replaced
- Re-designed, better formatted, Easy navigation scripts for this mod (good news for anybody who mods this mod)
- New Game options modifiers. You can now set respawn time, Fall damage speed and jetpack options (require respawn)
- added Kill count option to set # of kills when starting a game.
- Death by running into another player mod "by Sparky"
- New weapons system:

-Weapons power chart-
Bow - 40HP (3 Hits)
Sword - 100HP (1 Hit)
Spear - 70HP (2 Hits)
Hammer - no longer does damage
AXE - 25HP (4 hits)
Paintball Gun - 5HP (20 hits) [not enabled by default for deathmatch and brick deathmatch mode]

- Buildershill vbeta2 "by Chronic667" (removed beta1)
- Bedroom Slopes/Ramps V2 "by comptechgeek"
- Added multiple spawnpoints to mountain colony - Good Deathmatch map and weapon spawns around the map.
- Islands of Blockland added (Great Map) "by Luquado"

!!!!!!!!!!There is now a website up for BlockLand MODS at http://www.theega.com/blocklandmods/ !!!!!!!!!!

Links to download BlockLand MODS:

BlockLand MODS v1.1 Modpack Only: http://doc117.milkysunshine.com/stuff/MODPACK%20v1.1.zip
BlockLand MODS v1.1 Full Game (No Modpack Only Link): http://doc117.milkysunshine.com/stuff/blockland%20Mods%20V1.1.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.2 Full Game (No Modpack Only Link): http://www.haloimpact.com/007/Blockland_Modsv1-1.2.rar
BlockLand MODS v1.2 Full Game (Mirror): http://www.uploader.ws/Blockland_Modsv1-1.2.rar
BlockLand MODS v1.2a Full Game: http://www.tridecaphobia.com/craft/Blockland_Modsv1.2a.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.2a Modpack Only: http://www.tridecaphobia.com/craft/Blockland_Modsv1.2a_mod_pack.zip
BlockLand MODS v1.3a Full Game: http://junior.forgottenhonor.com/hoststuff/blockland/Blockland_modsv1.3a.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.3a Modpack Only: http://junior.forgottenhonor.com/hoststuff/blockland/Blockland_Modsv1.3a_mod_pack.zip
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