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The News Bricks
Get your Blockland News Bricks here!
17th-Mar-2006 06:27 pm - UPDATE! (Yes! Finally!)
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As you can tell, I (AshTR) have finally upgraded the layout. I have also fixed the links, if you see anything else that is old and need to be fixed up then leave a comment and I'll try to fix it.

But for the news:

Since the old news there have been 2 new mods:

Return To Blockland
Lanhoj's All-In-One Reloaded

Also the forums have a new URL which along with the mods mentioned above is now in the Links List.

Check em out and i'll see ya' laterz!!!
22nd-Mar-2005 01:31 am - The Blockland IRC Chat
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I forgot to add this on but...

There is now a Blockland IRC chat that you can join if you have an IRC client or if you look on the forums in General Chat you should find a topic. But here's most of the info about it.

Server: irc.irctoo.net (IRCtoo)
Channel: #blockland

If you want to download a great client to use go to www.mirc.com

Once you download mIRC, go into it and enter all the info and stuff then once you get it done type in the following:

/server irc.irctoo.net

Then once all the junk pops up type in this:

/join #blockland

Then you'll be in the chat!

It's not that hard so start chatting!
9th-Mar-2005 04:38 pm - New Title: The News Bricks
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For those of you that notice the new title. (Probably no one because you're probably all gone.)
That was provided by ridetheranger.

Remember, post all ya want about Blockland here.

Man, the internet is boring... I gotta get DSL.
6th-Mar-2005 11:15 pm - BlockLand Forums Hacked???
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I can't believe this!!! Someone just hacked the official BlockLand forums! I just went there and saw a You Suck comment instead of the usual BlockLand Forums title.

I can't believe some idiot would do this!!!
3rd-Mar-2005 12:21 am - User Created "TSS" Challenge
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On today's episode of The Screen Savers they started a new challenge for people to make the best scene or best-looking whatever in Blockland. So I guess those of you that like building awesomely cool stuff, you can now send it in.

Just send it in to: usercreated@gmail.com

Or if you want more info check out: http://www.g4tv.com/screensavers/features/51233/User_Created_Challenge_Blockland.html

Oh, I almost forgot, you must also post this in your e-mail:
This email acknowledges your submission of a photo of the Blockland model “__________________” (the “Materials”) to G4 Media, Inc (“G4”) for G4’s consideration to include in its programming (“Programming”). By return email indicating your consent and in exchange for good and valuable promotional and other consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which you hereby acknowledge, you grant to G4, its agents, successors, licensees and assigns the non-exclusive, unencumbered, perpetual and irrevocable right, but not the obligation, to use all or part of the Materials in and in connection with the Programming and in the advertising and exploitation thereof in any and all media throughout the world. You represent and warrant that the Materials are your original creation, that you are the sole copyright owner of such Materials and have the sole right and authority to grant this permission and that G4 may use the Materials without requirement of consent from, payment to, or being in violation of the rights of, any third party including but not limited to people who recognizably appear in and music used in the Materials. You hereby indemnify, release and hold harmless G4, its agents, successors, licensees and assigns from any and all claims, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) of any nature arising in connection with G4’s use of the Materials and/or a breach of your representations and warranties hereunder. The rights granted herein shall not confer in you any rights of ownership in the Programming or any part thereof, including, without limitation, the copyright thereto, all of which shall be and remain the exclusive property of G4. You acknowledge and agree that the selection of materials, if any, to be included in the Programming is at G4’s sole and exclusive discretion. You acknowledge and agree that G4 is under no obligation to return the Materials to you. If you agree to the above terms and conditions please respond with the words “I agree to the terms and conditions of G4’s submission consent agreement in connection with my photo of the Blockland model entitled ‘_______________’” followed by your name and email address.

Here's what G4's site says about it:

User Created Challenge: Blockland
Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Make an Amazing Blockland Model and Send Us a Picture

We want you to send us your most brilliant Blockland creations! Recreate scenes or famous paintings, make funny jokes, build amazing feats of architecture... just make sure they have some sort of concept.

Download Blockland at Blockland.us.

Make a .jpg of your Blockland model and mail it to usercreated@gmail.com. Be sure to put “Blockland model” in the subject line.

The deadline is Wednesday, March 9—in the morning, not the afternoon.

ALSO: When you send us your entries for the Blockland model challenge, copy and paste the following submission release form into your email. You must fill it out for us to consider your entry.
22nd-Feb-2005 04:59 am - How did you find Blockland?
Where, when and how did you start playing Blockland? Who introduced you to the game?

For me, it was a guy in an IRC channel who posted a picture of a lego guy making a swastika(What is up with Lego men and swastikas? Everyone does them :/). When i asked him about it, he told me about Blockland. I googled a bit, found the website and downloaded the game. I was hooked after the first try.
20th-Feb-2005 10:15 pm - BlockLand MODS
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Posted by 007craft on Blockland Forums:

hello. OK I first found out about this game 2 days ago. I played it.. had some fun.. but realised thier were too many features missing. I then came to these forums and looked at EVERY mod all of you had made. I was quite impressed.

I then decided to put ALL the mods together in 1 pack. Some mods didnt make the cut seeing as I didnt think they were useful enough or still in the testing stages.

I have also included a couple of mods myself to the file below and included a couple custom maps here on the forums that seemed to work and were cool.

I hope you all enjoy this cause this should make your building experiance much more fun. If you have a new mod to be added please let me know and ill add it in for the next release. I will also try and add more of my own mods in. Any new custom levels are also very appriciated.

BTW: If your the maker of one of these mods, please let me know in the thread and ill add you name/tag to the changes list below

- 9 new colours, including 2 glitter colours, to the spray pain "by AJ 187"
- Download progress Bar for clients entering a new map. "by Rick"
- 10 item inventory "by Nin10doman"
- Bow now can destroy blocks "by Yourself"
- Spear now destroys chunks of blocks "by Yourself"
- Blocks can now be destroyed anywhere (not just the top block) This alows for alot of cool floating stuff + easy roof building. "by ?"
- Join Server Ip now added to GUI "by Chronic667"
- Save Game/Blocks. ITs now possible to save/load your current blocks from the admin (CTRL+A) panel. This is great incase some1 destroys your hard work or you have to go. "by Rick"
- Weapons Respawn within seconds "by Chronic667"
- Crouch speed increased to move faster "by me"
- jump height increased for easier building "by me"
- no fall damage "by me"
- I edited every map to include spear and bow and the room maps have the spear and bow close to the buildings and not out in the open.
- some other stuff i might have forgot to add to the .txt file :p

- MOuntain Colony (Green Colony) BETA "by got lag?"
- Room XXL (bigger main building plate in room) "by Flshman"


Version 1.1 Changelog

- UNban Utility "by glorified"
- Default Control keys put back
- Added Digi's Vehicle mod alpha 0.1
- Stand alone mod pack now available


Version 1.2 Changelog

- Game no longer auto saves/loads when you start/end a mission. This will prevent saving over an important save accidently. To save/load goto admin panel (CTRL + A) and push save and load blocks
- MSG of the Day changed to indicate mod server running
- New Option (located in admin panel (CTRL+A)), to turn floating blocks on or off (default = off). Enable this to build a tedious part of your project and then disable it to resume normal building standards
- text now shows when loading blocks
- sk89q and miniman's Bridge script included
- some default text changed
- fall Damage on/off button
- Crouch speed back to normal
- Turn Destructable Weapons on/off (turn on to ENABLE Any brick destruction and not just top brick)
- Build mode (resets all weapons to default (including hammer))
- New Title page
- Changed main menu button layout
- Chronic's brickpack version 0.4 (All maps edited to include brick pack)
- Deathmatch mode (weapons now do damage. The hammer is the only weapon that can destroy blocks and only the top block) (set to 50 kills)

*Weapons power chart*
Bow - 40HP
Sword - 100HP
Spear - 70HP (20 splash)
Hammer - Kills top block
AXE - Kamakzee, kills you and surrounding enemies (I think.. it may be just the guy you hit)

A player has 100 HPs.

- Room xXXL (EVEN bigger main building plate then in XXL room) (took out room xxl) "by Flshman"
- BuildersHill v.beta1 "by Chronic667"
- Deathmatch map mod for Mountain colony "by me " (IF you know how to make multiple spawn points.. let me know)

Version 1.2a Changelog

- chronics bricks can now be saved with the rest of the blocks *persistance.cs*
- New Features added in 1.2 now work via super admin login (example: on dedicated server or remote host)
- Changed weapons on/off to toggle button

Version 1.3a Changelog

- Replaced Title screen again
- Added game identifier in server list so you know which servers are running the mod pack
- Removed map Bedroom (no point to it with Bedroom XXXL being in there)
- Player corpse now fades instantly to prevent confusion in Deathmatch
- Chronic's brick pack v 0.8 (22 new bricks)
- All of chronics 22 sloped bricks now save properly.
- All maps updated to contain new bricks (thanks to GlenStew for helping me out here)
- Special edition SprialStaircase script added "spiral a,b,c,d,e);" to use "by rob"
- Put Skis on while in mid air or moving "by ErikHK"
- Paintball mod "by WGJHSTT24/7"
- Added paintball gun options and paintball mode to go with the above mod
- added Enhanced build mode and Brick Deathmatch mode
- new, easier to understand, filled with individual weapons options, administrator panel
- Buggy template replaced
- Re-designed, better formatted, Easy navigation scripts for this mod (good news for anybody who mods this mod)
- New Game options modifiers. You can now set respawn time, Fall damage speed and jetpack options (require respawn)
- added Kill count option to set # of kills when starting a game.
- Death by running into another player mod "by Sparky"
- New weapons system:

-Weapons power chart-
Bow - 40HP (3 Hits)
Sword - 100HP (1 Hit)
Spear - 70HP (2 Hits)
Hammer - no longer does damage
AXE - 25HP (4 hits)
Paintball Gun - 5HP (20 hits) [not enabled by default for deathmatch and brick deathmatch mode]

- Buildershill vbeta2 "by Chronic667" (removed beta1)
- Bedroom Slopes/Ramps V2 "by comptechgeek"
- Added multiple spawnpoints to mountain colony - Good Deathmatch map and weapon spawns around the map.
- Islands of Blockland added (Great Map) "by Luquado"

!!!!!!!!!!There is now a website up for BlockLand MODS at http://www.theega.com/blocklandmods/ !!!!!!!!!!

Links to download BlockLand MODS:

BlockLand MODS v1.1 Modpack Only: http://doc117.milkysunshine.com/stuff/MODPACK%20v1.1.zip
BlockLand MODS v1.1 Full Game (No Modpack Only Link): http://doc117.milkysunshine.com/stuff/blockland%20Mods%20V1.1.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.2 Full Game (No Modpack Only Link): http://www.haloimpact.com/007/Blockland_Modsv1-1.2.rar
BlockLand MODS v1.2 Full Game (Mirror): http://www.uploader.ws/Blockland_Modsv1-1.2.rar
BlockLand MODS v1.2a Full Game: http://www.tridecaphobia.com/craft/Blockland_Modsv1.2a.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.2a Modpack Only: http://www.tridecaphobia.com/craft/Blockland_Modsv1.2a_mod_pack.zip
BlockLand MODS v1.3a Full Game: http://junior.forgottenhonor.com/hoststuff/blockland/Blockland_modsv1.3a.exe
BlockLand MODS v1.3a Modpack Only: http://junior.forgottenhonor.com/hoststuff/blockland/Blockland_Modsv1.3a_mod_pack.zip
17th-Feb-2005 10:30 pm - Hey Blockland Fans
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If you like Blockland then start posting on here. This is a place where you can post your stuff for Blockland like web site links, mods, or other stuffs.

Just click User Info, then click on Join the community to be able to start posting. Just make sure you have a user on LiveJournal.com first.
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